Finally...a PROVEN, step-by-step program to successfully Fund Your Dream on Kickstarter or Indiegogo — In Just 4 Hours Per Week

I don't know your dreams...but I know you have them.

Fast forward to two months from now. You're having coffee with a friend, telling them about your dream idea...again.

You're still excited, but your friend is getting a little tired of hearing you just talk about it. 

Your friend is supportive. They love your idea. But you've been talking about it for months. (Or years.) 

They want to see you actually launch it.

Two months from now, you'll be two months older. 

But will your dream idea be two months closer to launching?

Now imagine that you had a personal crowdfunding team in your pocket, and you were on a step-by-step 8-week plan to learn exactly how to plan, build, launch, promote and successfully FUND YOUR DREAM -- using skills you already have.

Imagine that at your fingertips, you had the knowledge and experience gained over 3 years of helping 140 campaigns raise over $40 million.

You’ll be learning how to validate and position your idea, pre-build your tribe of superfans, build the perfect campaign page and proudly and confidently launch your idea to the world.

How would that feel?

Option 1: You can keep talking about your idea until all of your friends and family give you that polite "sure you will" smirk, while secretly hoping to change the subject.

Option 2: You can decide that it’s time to take action and finally make your dream a become the author, entrepreneur, founder or creative that you've always wanted to be...or to have the option of quitting your job to turn your dream idea into your full-time business.

Yes, you can take that dream that's trapped in your Moleskine or on your laptop and turn it into a successful crowdfunding project -- and then, if you want, a real business.

Here's how.

​"Launching a crowdfunding campaign can be scary. The strategies in Fund Your Dream eased my fear and helped me confidently plan and execute not one but TWO successful Kickstarter campaigns, raising over $261,000 and allowing us to save New York City’s last remaining hat factory and launch a new line of hats."
Satya Twena, Founder of Satya Twena Fine Millinery

​Fund Your Dream IS right for you if...

  • You want to launch and fund your dream via a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or another rewards-based crowdfunding site
  • If you’ve tried crowdfunding in the past and failed and you want to get it right this time.

​​Fund Your Dream IS NOT right for you if...

  • Your campaign is already live (and struggling) with only days to go. Fund Your Dream is not a magic or instant "Hail Mary" solution. It works, but it takes work. And time.
  • You want to do equity crowdfunding (like AngelList), charitable donation-based crowdfunding (like GoFundMe) or debt-based crowdfunding (like Prosper or Lending Club)

​"Two dudes from New Zealand launch a travel gear company that goes global from Day 1. Sounds pretty unrealistic, right?! In 2013, we knew that Kickstarter could make it real – and change our lives – but it wasn't until we met Clay that we truly 'got it' and unlocked the true potential of the Kickstarter platform. His campaign-hardened experience and sharp insight helped us blow through our initial $30,000 goal in less than 7 hours, and end up with more than 11x the goal at $341,393. To put it bluntly, this just wouldn't have been possible without Clay."

Jimmy Hayes, Co-Founder of Minaal

​I want YOU to Fund Your Dream. 

What you know now is that it’s possible. You know it. We’ve seen it. You've seen that these exact strategies have worked for over 140 campaigns.

These people aren't special. They’re just regular people like you and me.

Now I want to ask you this question…IF I SAID TO YOU…“Go, and build a successful crowdfunding campaign, starting tomorrow…

  • …would you know what to do?
  • …would you know how to position it in a way that maximizes funding?
  • ….would you know where to find backers that WON’T GO…..yeah, that seems interesting but I don’t really need to back this right now…?
  • …would you know how to position your project and find backers that say, “YES!! That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! What rewards do you have?”

My goal is for you to be successful….is for you to live the life you want to live.…and you’ve got something inside of you.

As I said above, I don’t know your dreams, but I know you have ‘em. So if you’ve got dreams, doesn’t it make sense to learn how to market that dream and turn it into a business? To learn how to turn it into something that people would be delighted to pay for?

It’s about 4 hours a week, minimum requirement.

If you’re swamped right now, it doesn’t matter, we have lifetime access. 

And yes, we have male students, female students. We have students in New York City and students in small little towns in Minnesota.

It’s not about who you are or where you live, it’s about saying...

"You know what? Those students did it. They’re not any smarter than me. They don’t have anything different than me. The only thing that’s different is…they invested in themselves and made a bet on themselves."

So, are YOU ready to do it?

I can show you how to do it. We’ve helped LOTS of people, do it. I know we can help you as well. 

Remember, you pay the cost of the course once and the skills and the knowledge are yours forever. 

So, THAT’s your opportunity tonight. 

If you don’t want to join….that’s totally cool. We’re all good. But I want to challenge you. Is there ever going to be a better time than tonight?

Think again about that coffee with your friend, two months from now...

After the excitement wears off…will you know exactly what to do? who to talk to? what to say? what to do if you get stuck? 

Will you be talking to them about your "someday" project? 

Will it be one of those things where you look at your dream project and think, “what if…?”

I don’t want to live a life of “what if…?” or “wouldn’t it be nice”…and I don’t want you to either. 

I want to live a life of, “I want this. And I’m going to work to get it. And I’m going to enjoy the rewards of my hard work.”

Thank you for your time. I hope to see you inside the course.

​Clay Hebert, Creator of Fund Your Dream

Clay Hebert helps entrepreneurs fund their dreams. One of the top crowdfunding strategists in the world, He has helped over 140 entrepreneurs and creatives raise over $40 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. His dream is to help as many people as possible launch their dream project to the world.

Clay advises corporations and startups on strategy, marketing, innovation and culture. Clay currently sits on the board of Social Media Week New York and several technology and marketing startups. 

A popular keynote speaker and one of the world's top crowdfunding experts, Clay engages audiences around the globe on marketing, innovation, creativity, crowdfunding and the future of work. creativeLIVE tabbed Clay to teach their "Kickstarter for Photographers and Filmmakers" course and for the first time, his strategies are available to the public.

So what's inside Fund Your Dream?

Module 1: Crowdfunding 101

In Module 1, you'll learn the difference between crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, all about the 4 (very different) types of crowdfunding (and which one is right for you) and learn key crowdfunding terminology (so you sound like a pro when talking about your project).

Module 2: Defining Your Success

In Module 2, you'll define your REAL goal (and learn why it’s even more important than your funding goal) and define your Champagne Moment.

Module 3: Your Customer and Project

In Module 3, you'll learn why (and how) to research and back other projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, how to position your project to eliminate competitors and learn how the power of a Single Message and Common Enemy can increase conversions.

Module 4: Planning Your Project
In Module 4, you'll learn how to choose your crowdfunding platform (the big Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo decision), how to set your funding goal and effectively budget your project and you'll learn the two reasons any project succeeds or fails (and how to optimize both).

Module 5: Building Your Tribe
In Module 5, you'll develop your Perfect Customer Avatar. You'll learn all about the Backer Bullseye and the importance of 1,000 True Fans. Then, you'll build your perfect landing page, you'll learn about the two very different types of press, and how to leverage both, and you'll learn how to develop a compelling, bulletproof media kit. You'll learn whether (and how) to use paid traffic and how to build your outreach lists.

Module 6: Building Your Campaign
In Module 6, you'll learn how to craft the perfect title for your crowdfunding campaign and you'll learn how to build a campaign video that converts browsers to backers. You'll learn the psychology of pricing in crowdfunding and how to build reward levels and pricing that maximizes the average contribution per backer. And finally, you'll learn how to craft a campaign description that actually gets read and converts viewers to backers.

Module 7: Launching Your Project
The big day is here! In Module 7, you'll learn the importance of momentum and why a big launch day is critical (and exactly how to architect it). You'll go through the ultimate crowdfunding pre-launch checklist and then learn how to cut through the noise on launch day. Finally, you'll learn how to maximize your campaign conversion rate. (Hint: improving conversion is easier and more effective than getting more traffic).

Module 8: Promoting Your Campaign
In Module 8, you'll learn how to pre-plan your key campaign updates, you'll learn the hierarchy of promotion and specifically how to promote your campaign using your own tribe, key partnerships and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Module 9: After Your Campaign is Over
Whew! Your campaign is finally done, but you're not quite finished yet. Learn exactly what to do next regarding fulfillment, shipping, communications and updating your backers. 

Module 10: The Bonus Resource Vault
Module 10 is the Bonus Resource Vault, a treasure trove of proven crowdfunding resources that you can use instantly. The Reward Level Modeling Spreadsheet helps you model your reward levels and pricing and estimate backers to make sure you're on track to hit your funding goal. The Marketing Planning Spreadsheet helps organize all your marketing outreach and the Script Vault includes proven video scripts, email outreach scripts and campaign updates to give you a head start on creating your own.

Are you ready to Fund Your Dream?

Fund Your Dream Complete Online Course + Lifetime Community Access: $495

  • 30+ video lessons and tutorials across 10 easy-to-consume modules
  • All modules include downloadable, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, templates and action guides as well as curated lists of helpful resources
  • Exclusive access to the Bonus Resource Vault
  • Lifetime access to the Fund Your Dream online community
  • A personal email review by Clay himself of your landing page or draft crowdfunding campaign page (before you launch)
  • BONUS FOR TODAY ONLY: A private buyers-only webinar with me
  • THE FIRST TEN PEOPLE WHO BUY TONIGHT: Get a personal 15-minute blitz strategy call with me, personally ($250 value) AND…a personal email review of either
    your landing page OR your crowdfunding preview page (before you launch). This means own my eyes will see your campaign before it launches.

Let me in (Instant Access) - $495